Our dearest Megan - We'll treasure forever our pregnancy and childbirth experience with you alongside us... Your teaching, wisdom, and care helped us so much! I knew I was safe with you!

- Mandy

Megan, thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being in your  birth class! I'm not sure what I was expecting, but class blew away anything I could've imagined. (Thank you, also, for making a believer out of Thomas!) Your encouragement has meant a lot to us.

- Wen & Thomas

Hi Megan! We wanted to thank you again for all your help and guidance... We were so happy to not only accomplish our largest goal of happy, healthy baby and family, but a VBAC and even better, natural pain relief. I am positive I wouldn't have done it without Mike's coaching! Your class taught us everything we needed to know to make those important choices.

- Laura

This class really provided me with a paradigm shift in regard to labor. We're much happier for it.

- Mike

My coach was awesome and we had Megan as our doula which was amazing!!! She can do things with a cold can of Trader Joe's pineapple juice that you couldn't imagine could be so helpful in labor!!!

- Rachel

Megan and Jordan provided us with an incredibly informative and effective course in preparing for childbirth.  We were aiming for a natural birth experience in a hospital setting, and the Bradley Method has a great reputation for fully preparing women and their partners. When we told the OB we were taking a Bradley Method class, she was very pleased - in her experience, it's been the absolute best preparation for natural birth. 

We had a phenomenal birth experience, and I credit the class with Megan and Jordan completely. We learned so much from them and were given so much confidence in ourselves.  My husband was a full participant because he had been through the class with me, and knew all the ways to support me during the weeks leading up to delivery and during labor.  We ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby without any pain medication or other interventions. We knew exactly what to expect at each step of the way, and we were able to be calm and actually enjoy the event. All of the nurses at the hospital commented on how remarkably relaxed we were - that was a state of mind and approach that we learned and practiced with Megan!

Participating in a Joy Love Birth class was by far the best investment of time or money we've ever made. Childbirth is an event you'll remember forever, and being well-prepared and in control will make all the difference in the world as far as how you look back on it. Not every type of birth class will prepare you to feel like your own body is in control of the delivery, and I'm so grateful that we found one that did.

- Susannah

My husband and I attended Megan's class during winter of this year [2016]. Megan and husband Jordan were instrumental in making the class so rewarding. We walked away from the 12 week course feeling very prepared to take on a natural childbirth!


Megan is a wealth of information, a lively instructor who made the material fun, and she was always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we understood the material or answer any questions we might have. I would highly recommend taking her class! (See this review on Yelp.)

- Kacey



My husband and I took this 12 week class lead by Megan and Jordan prior to giving birth to our first child this past week. At first my husband was skeptical about attending a 12 week course about giving birth, but throughout the course became just as excited as I was as he learned so much about pregnancy, the birth process, and all of the options there are.


Megan and Jordan were wonderful- super knowledgeable (and if she didn't know went out of her way to research information for us), flexible, and very caring about each couple in the class. I will say my husband really appreciated having a dad's perspective and really enjoyed learning from Jordan. 

Overall this was a great class with wonderful teachers. Would highly recommend! (See this review on Yelp.)

- Amanda

I LOVED Megan and Jordan's class. I learned so much from them and so did my husband! After the 12 weeks class we were both ready for any kind of birth that came our way (in terms of knowledge about birth, options, emotional support and even physical prep). And I will reaffirm what the other reviews said. Any question we had, it got answered. Megan went out of her way to find an answer if she didn't know it. 

In summary, if you're thinking of taking a birth class take this one. You won't regret it! (See this review on Yelp.)

- Simona

I had wanted to prepare for a natural childbirth, and came across Megan and Jordan's class. Though they had already started, knowing that my due date would be before their next class would finish, Megan and Jordan went out of their way to offer us a "catch up class."  My husband grudgingly went, saying he didn't think a birth class was necessary.  After the first class, he agreed that it was a good and looked forward to our weekly meetings. 

This was an amazing resource for us both. It allowed my husband to be an active participant in the birth of our daughter. His support, along with Megan's (who acted as our doula) allowed me to labor without pain medication for over 12 hours, including 4+ hours of active pushing! 

Ultimately, due to baby's positioning, we had to have a c section, but there are no regrets as we were both making informed choices throughout the process. 

A bonus was getting to bond with our classmates and support one another as each of our babies were born. This class was awesome. Highly recommend it. (See this review on Yelp.)

- Wen Yin

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