Confident Birth Series

Do you feel overwhelmed while learning about birth options? Does thinking about giving birth make you feel freaked out? Do you feel totally unprepared for everything that is changing around you? Megan developed this birth class for you! Having a baby can and should be an exciting time, and taking a "Confident Birth" class is your ticket to an informed, empowered birth experience in any location, whether it be your home, a birth center, or the local hospital. 


Through group discussions, hands-on training, research reviews, one-on-one consultations, and a lot of humor, Megan will leave you and your labor partner feeling confident and excited about the birth process. Drawing from her experience as a parent, an active doula, and a non-medical birth professional, Megan's unbiased approach to childbirth education will equip you with the tools to evaluate the quality of your maternal care, including the self-assurance and language to advocate for evidence-based services. Megan's students retain high birth satisfaction as a result of their active, educated participation in their birth outcome.


The tuition for this class is $200 total for two participants, and it includes an essential student workbook, educational materials used in class, access to the instructor's lending library and online Student Center, and unlimited email/text support through pregnancy and postpartum.

You deserve to have a confident birth experience! Get in touch to learn more, or register below.

Exercise to alleviate pregnancy discomfort and increase labor efficiency

Prenatal nutrition that can help prevent prematurity and other pregnancy complications

Gestational anatomy; how and why the body changes to prepare for birth


Understanding labor; physical and emotional signposts of labor stages

Childbirth options, medical research, and obtaining evidence-based care from a supportive provider

The value of constant labor support

Birth planning for all outcomes

Communicating with your care provider, offering informed consent, questions to ask of your birth team and facility


The health benefits of physiologic birth

Newborn care & postpartum recovery

Class Topics Include:

We Practice:

Mental, physical, & emotional relaxation exercises to decrease labor discomfort, increase confidence, and improve birth satisfaction

Laboring positions and comfort measures for each stage of labor and birth location

Identifying labor progress through emotional and physical changes, as well as timing contractions

Various labor scenarios, deciding when to leave for the hospital, if applicable

Breastfeeding techniques

Newborn care techniques

We Also...

Watch and discuss videos of actual births, recommend additional birth resources

Offer one-on-one assistance with birth planning and labor techniques

Encourage and discuss La Leche League meetings and birthplace tours

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